Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organization huh?

Well many of you know that my husband is gone for a year and that has made me be a little more organized. I can't tell you that I am always organized at all but my house feels a little more calm when I am. I am trying to design a few items that I think will help with that. The first are these chalk decals. It seem that the older the kids get the more I am running around. This is really going to help me. Especially since I think I have the shortest memory of anyone I know. I am also going to put a piece of chalk board vinyl on their doors. I can write little notes to them and let them know what their chore is for the day. All sounds good in theory... the magic is following through :)


  1. Love the idea...logging that one away in my memory for when I begin setting up our new home we're moving into next month!

  2. Totally love that idea.. Especially as the twins get older...

  3. Love, love, love this idea. My kids are too young to read yet but it will keep me organized which is something I am always striving for.