Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well I want to redo my main bathroom. The one thing I don't like about my home is that my main bathroom is not only shared by my kids but any guests I have. Anyone who has kids knows how hard it is to keep that room looking nice and clean.

So.... I am going to repaint it. Freshen it up. I really want to do a nice butter yellow color. I have really thought about this color. The bathroom is small and has no windows so I am hoping that the color will bring some much needed light to the room. Here's hoping!!!


  1. Those pictures are making me jealous ...
    We have such a small small bathroom!

  2. Oh, lovely! We were so lucky as to have a new little shower room, when we built the bedroom extension last year. The main colour is "Jasmine White" - the palest yellow possible. It is lovely as it reflects so much light, yet it's not harsh, as some whites can be.
    I love golden tones... they remind me of sunshine (which we've had so little of here recently).
    A Butter Yellow bathroom sounds wonderful!

  3. Well I seem to be taking my good old time. I have it prepped but not ready to go yet. I think I started too many projects at once...