Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday!!!!

Well it's time to shake off the weekend and focus on our goals for this week. I just feel like my house is kind of drab and I want to freshen it up with something. So I was browsing for some ideas. I love looking through pages of pictures for ideas. Here are a few that I really like. I really hoping to get my house under control this week. I need to get rid of clutter, but it's so hard. Well I hope everyone has a productive day. If it's warm, open up the blinds and windows and breath in some fresh air.


  1. Oooh, lots of fabby colour! I like the birds panel in the middle there... very busy, but really spring-time and fun.
    It is not warm here though.. we had some days of sunshine and warm temperatures, but now the mercury is dropping and we're shivering and turning up the heating again! Never mind, it's a good excuse to eat warm food and snuggle on the sofa!

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  3. I just found you and now I don't remember life before. Where have you been all my life? How awesome are these?! I also like you are Army wives like me!
    check out my blog too-

    I'll be back!!